Introducing Vivo

More than two years ago a good friend of mine showed me the work of an artist who lives and works in Ibiza. He made, inspired just by my name, a nice painting, very simple, like from a child’s perspective. He played with my name: Sol, for Spanish sun and the English moon.



I instantly liked this idea. It was so simple and pure. I decided to make it my Facebook profile picture for quite a time. I was very surprised and happy that Ivo really visited me at Pacha, because he does not live in this party world at all. Ivo lives quite a solitary life. He is a very sensitive guy, very open for all kinds of vibes.

Ivo welcomed my manager and good friend with the words: “Hello, you are a good person?” So…Who am I to disagree?


Ivo’s artwork displayed in a magazine.


What’s your name?
Vivo Gal Grabby

Where do you come from?

Why Ibiza?
Ibiza saved my life. And that’s why people started to call me vivo here.

Why a Solomun party?
I am feeling something in his music, something really special, his sound has the potential to really change something, maybe one day.

What will you do after finishing this interview?
Make some bbq-dinner for my family and afterward I will bring my kid into bed and I will read the bible.

Ivo on Partying with Solomun

I was already in the club before Solomun started to play. The music was great, the other DJ also, but please don’t get me wrong but I had the feeling it was more like a regular party. But shortly after Solomun started to play, there was a big change in the atmosphere. I only paid attention to the vibes in the room, and this is what I felt: A strong energy in the lower abdomen chakra which was wandering to the heart and then exploded.

I was not sure: either Solomun isĀ really good or they use some secret Japanese technology for those kinds of vibrations. And when we were introduced and hugged each other, I felt the energy of an older brother.

And talking about the Sol-o-Moon-drawing: Back in the days, a good friend of mine called me and said: “close your eyes and think of Solomun. What do you see?” I didn’t even know what or who this Solomun could be, but I painted what I saw. And honestly: I didn’t know anything about him, but I strongly felt that it must be a strong artist with a mission.


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