Manuart homel


It is a "little" artist, who walked across Europe, delights us with his art, with over forty and exhibition, has shown their dedication and love for all types of crafts. In their struggle to be a great artist, has created an organization:, that is for people who have no means to develop his art, called "INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY FOR NON-TRADITIONAL ARTS.
Not only dominates the color field (oil and acrylic), but a creator of MYSTIC DRAWING (BODY ART) and makes all kinds of art objects from recycled materials (EKOART, environmental art); also in the field of music, plays different instruments such as harmonica, the tarambuca, flute, dilleridu and sigrobrusa.
Part of whose work is currently exhibited in museums in Prague, Bratislava, Munich, Vienna, New York, Bulgaria and Turkey. Seville and Alicante galleries display their work here in Spain. In his artistic career, has created more than four thousand works.
In 2001, a rocket launch led to the Universe, from Moscow (Russia), one of his paintings, was sent into space in this release (this fact was recorded in the book "Guinness Record").
In early November 2005, was awarded a Gold award and a diploma, by an international academy of informatization (UN).
I hope you enjoy your art and have a "little time," to visit the exhibition.


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