Vivo Gal Grabby:
Why did you choose Solomun and Karl Ferris to make them a portrait?

It was in contrast, they chose me.
For Mladen Solomun (DJ Solomun) I created a logo. It is a drawing of a sun (sol in spanish) and a moon or say: Sol o mun.


He liked it a lot and wanted to meet me. He visited me in my studio at my house in Dalt Vila and was impressed by the pictures I made of icons of Ibiza (exposed last year in the Hippy Market Punta Arabi).

So he wanted me to do him one too. To get to know him better, he invited me to spend a night with him in the DJ booth at Pacha one Sunday at his party Solomun + 1, which for me was a very special moment. Shortly alter this was born his psychedleic portrait and which was exposed already in three exhibitions and outside of Ibiza.

Karl Ferris is my master of psychedelic visions. He loved the portrait of Solomun and so the idea was born to make one of him to expose it at the Hippy Market Punta Arabi. He taught me to make good portraits with fot camera which later serve me as models for my portraitpaintings.

I was very impressed that one of the inventors of the psychedelic photography and one  of the great photographers of the hippie era, amongst others he was the photographer               of  “British Rock Elite”—Eric Clapton, Cream, Donovan, The Hollies and Jimi Hendrix .
He visited me in my studio giving me advices and views on psychedelic art.


What do you mean for both characters and how they relate to Ibiza?
For me they represent the past and future. DJ Solomun is a very interesting character to me, for his fans and for the entire planet, for me also he is a faithful and humble friend. He loves my homemade ice cream and feels very comfortable in my company far away from the in-crowd. He is very focused on his path of life. He is an artist who has inspired me a lot and he offered me to use his image.


Karl Ferris is a charismatic person and historically important in the world of art and not only in the hippie era, still in 2016. However all i would say about him is not enough to appreciate him.


Inspired by my body art/painting he has created a new work this year, he took a picture in Es Vedra of five nudegirls, carrying letters of Ibiza on their backs (the logo of the association “Juntos en Ibiza – manuart.org” painted by me & Daniela Niculita).



Amongst the girls was an well-know actress from Holland, Lauren Verster and a television channel from Holland came to film the photo shoot.

Sometimes we play  bongos together or enjoy special moments like the sunset in Benirrás, in opposite of the restaurant 2000 where are exposed my portraits of icons Ibiza.
The two, Solomun and Karl Ferris for me represent a mora artistic and different Ibiza.

What technique you use and how describe your style?
It is a mixture of many techniques and styles. I use ancient and modern techniques to express what I feel in the moment. I am very interseted in new trends in digital art and alongside with my experience in oil and canvas I am creating my own free and experimental style.
For these two pictures for one side I was very inspired by the way of work ofthe DJs who create their own remixes mixing different themes togetherer. On the other hand I am really influenced of the career of Karl Ferris.
I love doing remixes of colors whilst listening to the music of Solomun.
I consider myself as an Art-DJ.

What are your current projects and/or expositions and you have any future plans?
With our association “Juntos en Ibiza” we are preparing an art fair for Ibiza in 2017. We would like to bring high-level artists from all over the world worldwide and combine it with tourism to create an art fair in Ibiza. We call it Arturism.
At the momento you can see my art works at the showroom in Jesus alongside with the Ibiza Art Guide.
My paintings of icons of Ibiza can be seen at:
Gallery Restaurant 2000 Beach Benirrás
Ponderosa Bar in Ibiza airport
Croissant Show in Ibiza
In the gallery of Sa Residencía, Jesús
and in my studio in Dalta Villa, Calle Ignacio Riquer 8

The two works of Karl Ferris and Solumun are exposed in the tent of the Hippy Market every Wednesday until the 26th October.

 SOL -o- MUN.jpg


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